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For children ages 7 and up, but enjoyed by 'kids' of all ages.

Author: A.G.Ellis
Illustrators: T.K.Deaton and A.G.Ellis

ISBN #0-9717451-1-0
LCCN #2002090531
32 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" Perfect bound, landscape format.
First printing: 4,000

Retail: $8.95



Welcome to Allcat Press, the home of Louisa May Allcat™ children's books, in San Diego, California.

Our DEBUT publication (August, 2002): 'A Trellis for Mr. Ellis, or How I Saved the World from Global Warming'

This is a story about an orphaned cat who starts a balcony garden that spreads to become a worldwide greening movement, and ultimately results in a reversal of global warming. Through humor and visual literacy (via bold and colorful mixed media illustrations) the book explains to children the concept of global warming, and then encourages them to do something good for the Earth (and themselves) by planting trees and gardens.

Books currently in production:
"The Magical Tail of CleoCatra, Kitty of the Nile".
Messages of conservation and restoration are conveyed to young readers through this charming tale (or is that "tail"?) about a very special cat. The major environmental issues dealt with are water and habitat pollution.
Expected release date: June, 2003.
For advanced notice of publication, please email us.


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