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ALLCAT PRESS is a small, new publisher of children's books under the Louisa May Allcat™ imprint.

Our mission is to educate children about various environmental issues through humor, colorful illustrations, and simple but memorable stories.

We are located in San Diego, California, and can be reached at 619-889-4372, or via e-mail at

We are members of Publishers Marketing Association, Northern California Independent Booksellers Association.

About the Author

A.G.Ellis is a practicing intellectual property attorney, a university instructor, and a beginner jazz pianist and songwriter. Although he has published a few legal (as in "lawyerly") articles, 'A Trellis for Mr. Ellis' is his first children's book, and was inspired by his desire to offer kids (of all ages) a grounding in Earth-awareness. He lives in San Diego, California, right where 'Louisa May' found him.

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