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“An orphaned cat helps green the world, from her own balcony to rooftop gardens on office towers. ‘A Trellis for Mr. Ellis’ is a beautiful, entertaining, and hopeful tale about a topic that can be downright dismal- global warming. Its magical illustrations of flowering cityscapes will help kids be concerned about the natural environment without overwhelming them. May a million trellises flower!”
Bob Schildgen, Managing Editor, Sierra

‘A Trellis for Mr. Ellis’ beautifully illustrates one’s imagination for a landscape that at once inspires community action and improves the environment. "
City of Chicago, Department of Environment

“It is never too early for children to learn how they can help keep our Earth healthy and clean. Through a simple, yet engaging story and vivid pictures, ‘A Trellis for Mr. Ellis’ will inspire young readers to join in the fight against global warming.”
Karen Fedor, Vice President, Global Releaf Project, American Forests

‘A Trellis for Mr. Ellis' is a beautifully illustrated, charming story that shows what one person, or in this case a cat, can do to make a positive difference for their local environment. It also shows the ripple effect of how thinking locally can turn into acting globally - Because, together, we CAN make a difference.”
Julaine Chattaway-Rich, Executive Director, San Diego EarthWorks

“The artwork is beautiful. The message is important and we believe that young children will love the book and learn the importance of taking care of the Earth.”
Think Earth Environmental Education Foundation

“Although intended for older children, it was enlightening reading ‘A Trellis for Mr. Ellis’ to our 2 1/2 year-old twins. Since we have a small patio garden, I was able to relate many parts of the story to their experience. The colorful pictures, especially the ‘smiling Earth’, held their attention. After finishing the book, Evan and Emily said they wanted ‘to make the Earth happy.’ As a parent, that is all I can ask - happiness for them and happiness for the world in which they live. And as a psychologist, I can think of no greater legacy than nurturing the spirit of our youth so that they become loving and contributing members of our global community.”
Jerry Gold, Ph.D., MBA Administrative Director Scripps Mercy Hospital
San Diego, California

‘A Trellis for Mr. Ellis’ provides a great introduction to children about the earth’s pollution. The unique illustrations and charismatic cat will certainly help spread environmental awareness among the young generation to keep our earth clean.”
Environmental Coalition, University of California, San Diego

“Self-worth, responsibility, and empowerment are the enlightening attributes shared by the ecologically aware cat through colorful multi-media illustrations and simple earth friendly messages. Truly a joy and an inspiration, ‘A Trellis for Mr. Ellis’ is an ideal opportunity for parents and teachers to introduce kids to the concept of global warming and the many benefits of plants and gardening.”
Linda Velazquez, Creator of

"'A Trellis for Mr. Ellis’ is a beautiful and thoughtful book that would be a valuable addition to any school garden program. It is a discussion starter on many topics, from global warming to what we can learn from listening to animals.”
Marcia Boruta, Director, San Diego Permaculture Center


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